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So you’re interested in learning more about a healthy daily schedule that positively influences your sleep?!

Here goes:

1. 6:30am – Skip the snooze button – it’s counterproductive. You put too much energy into falling BACK asleep and then having to wake up in only minutes. The fact is, you actually lose energy snoozing away – a.k.a. feeling groggy!

2. 7:30am – Exercise – It’ll give you the shot of energy that you need to start your day and will reduce your levels of stress hormones. What’s that going to do? It’ll  help you fall asleep faster and go into a much deeper sleep!

3. 11:00 A.M. – Take a breathing break! If you do this during the day, you won’t be laying down in bed thinking a million thoughts being unable to fall asleep!

4. 1:00 – 2 P.M. – Cut out caffeine, even as much as you’d like it! It’s a stimulant and is only going to make you more wired, for sometimes 4 – 7+ hours!

5. 3 P.M. – Go outside – soak up some LIGHT! Doing this will help reset your circadian rhythm which is only going to help you wind-down later on!

6. 7 P.M. – Eat dinner. -Your body needs at least 2 hours to digest foods. Eating too late is going to keep you up later because you’ll be too busy digesting!

7. 10 P.M. – An hour before bedtime, have a protein / carb snack. – the light carb is going to help your brain soak up the protein and will produce melatonin & seratonin – the chemicals important for sleep.

8. 10:30 P.M. – Thirty minutes before getting into bed, start your wind-down routine and get ready for some ZZZzzz’s. Having the time to wind-down is really important because your body is going from fast-paced day to a slow pace sleep!

9.11:00 P.M. Get into that comfy bed and stretch and breathe. – You’ll be even more relaxed than you were – even a 30 second stretch – Get ready to have a great night sleep!

Cheers for a happy day to all, and be sure to try Omyst healing herbal spray – “Let the Healing Begin”



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