valetinesheartrose “To thine own self be true.”-Shakespeare said it best; we must be true to ourselves. What better way to be the truest form of yourself, than by loving yourself?  Believing that you are special, because after all, you are. We all are and it is time we focus on loving ourselves unconditionally. Waiting around for Mr. or Mrs. Right isn’t going to happen if you don’t absolutely love and take care of yourself.   So, today on Valentine’s Day, Omyst wishes you all the love in the world, and most of all to give the gift of loving yourself, not in a narcisstic way, but in a gentle, loving and appreciating way. If you love yourself and treat your body as a temple, you will be a magnet to positive and loving energy and people, hey, maybe even to Mr. or Mrs. Right 😉

Here are some tips to being a better, truer you:

1. Exercise, stay active-do yoga, walk, take the steps (there’s always a healthier alternative), stretch, BREATHE in positivity, out negativity, meditate, go outdoors more-nature alone is therapeutic, stay grounded and be kind.

2. Drink water. Water is essential to life. It cleanses you and replenishes you. If you need some flavor, squeeze a fresh lemon or lime into it, cut up strawberries -throw in some blueberries (make sure to use only organic fruit). It’s delicious and it’s so good for you.

3. Surround yourself with good people-people that love, respect and appreciate you.  Life’s too short for negativity. Spice up your life and go see and do new things. Smile, laughter, love- that’s the simplest and most effective remedy for feeling good.

4. Take care and nourish your mind, body and soul.  “You are the captain of your own ship.” This world and life is beautiful.  Never take it for granted. Cherish your body. Feed it organic foods, use ecofriendly organic products, respect Mother Nature and all life forms, drink water and tea, seek the earth to heal you physically, mentally and spiritually. Read, listen to good music, talk, listen, play, explore. Look to children, they are wiser than you think. Listen to nature and your intuition. There’s symmetry and harmony. Pray. Never lose sight of your goals and never miss a chance to be kind or say I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to All With Love,


Honoring Health


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