What is Omyst?
Made from 100% organically grown medicinal herbs, Omyst Healing Herbal First Aid Spray is an all natural topical mist that’s clinically demonstrated to soothe, cleanse, and help heal cuts, scratches, minor burns, insect bites, minor rashes, and scars.

How did the concept of Omyst come about?
Omyst was created by Noreen Mulvanerty, a nurse practitioner and herbalist who spent 25 years treating patients in emergency rooms. After becoming alarmed by the number of minor cuts and bug bites that became “superinfections” requiring IV antibiotics, she decided to create a product that would speed the healing of everyday skin injuries in natural, effective way.

What went into perfecting the formula for Omyst?
Wanting to create the most effective formula using plants that each had multiple healing properties, Mulvanerty spent several years studying medicinal plants and growing her own strains on an organic farm. She spent two more years curing and combining the plants she grew until she found the perfect combination that would soothe and heal quickly and effectively.

What kind of skin problems can Omyst treat?
Omyst is a “first aid kit in a bottle” and can be used to treat all kinds of minor skin wounds and ailments, including insect bites and stings, minor cuts, scratches, burns, rashes, sutured wounds and scars.

What are the healing ingredients in Omyst?
Omyst has four key healing ingredients: Calendula, Yarrow, Plantain, and Wild Roses.

How do I use Omyst?
Before using Omyst, cleanse the affected area with mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris, then rinse. Holding the bottle 3 – 4 inches from the site, spray Omyst directly onto the skin. Because air is important to aid in the healing process, keep the area open to the air whenever possible. Mulvanerty recommends drinking plenty of water, as hydration is essential for healing.

Is Omyst safe for children, infants and the elderly?
Omyst is made of edible, organic ingredients, is completely non-toxic, and is safe for people of any age.

Are the plant ingredients in Omyst organic?
Yes, the calendula, yarrow, plantain, and wild roses in Omyst are 100% organic.

Where are the plants used to make Omyst grown?
The plants used in Omyst are grown at the Healing Spirit Farm, a NOFA certified, 30-acre, organic farm in the Finger Lakes of New York.

Does Omyst sting when applied?
Like many medicines when applied to certain open cuts, there is a chance that Omyst could sting, but the anesthetic component in Omyst makes any sting that might happen fade quickly. Tests have shown that Omyst doesn’t sting any more often than plain water does when applied to an open cut.

Where can I buy Omyst and how much does it cost?
Omyst is currently available online at omyst.com and at tattoo parlors, pharmacies, spas and healers in all the New York boroughs. The price for a 1-ounce bottle of Omyst is $20.

Where can I learn more about Omyst?
To learn more, please visit www.omyst.com