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“I am very particular on what I use on my children after reading what some products contain. Omyst is made of all natural ingredients that are organically grown. I love that about this first aid spray, just knowing that I can trust putting it on my children and I have it in our first aid kit is comforting.”

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“Going organic is the hip and healthy thing to do these days. If you’re one of those looking to improve your family’s lives through natural products then you’re going to want to pay attention. Because now you can treat your family’s cuts, scrapes, burns and insect bites with a spray that is 100% organically grown and eco-friendly. What is this spray? It’s Omyst.



“Ouch, eek, wahhh! Whether you hear it on the playground, soccer field or after too much ball in the house – as a parent, these sounds often compose the soundtrack to your life. Helping to silence your woes while soothing your kids’ aches, scraps, cuts, burns and bites is your entire first-aid kit in a bottle: Omyst.

Completely non-toxic and safe for everyone, infants, children and the elderly, you can be sure that I’ll have this in my first aid cabinet from here on out.”

“Omyst is a Healing Herbal First Aid Spray that is made up of a mix of herbal extracts! This spray delivers a soothing, antibacterial, and restorative constituents to aid in the healing process of superficial wounds, insect bites, minor rashes, minor burns and scars.”

“Omyst is safe to treat anyone in your family from your baby to your grandmother. The ingredients are natural and non-toxic. We all need more non-toxic items in our homes. I for one am tired of chemical laden products with skull and cross bone warnings.”

“This product will help to soothe your child’s scrapes, cuts, and basically any minor ailment! It’s a first aid kit in a bottle. AND? It’s eco-friendly!”

“This soothing & healing 100% organic herbal first aid spray is a dream come true! Simply spray on the infected area – no need to mess with sticky, gooey creams and gels when you need relief!”

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“Searching for the Holy Grail of first aid? Just whip out omyst, an herbal spray that soothes nasty cuts, stitches, burns, itchy bites, eczema and even poison ivy”

“The first product that Mulvanerty developed as an herbalist is omyst, a healing herbal first aid spray, which, she says, has been tested on more than 2,000 patients and has been clinically proven to aid in the treatment of minor cuts, burns, scratches, rashes, insect bites, stings and sutures.”

“This revolutionary spray has been clinically proven to aid in the treatment of minor cuts, burns, scratches, rashes, insect bites, stings and sutures”