Ariane de Bonvoisin

The First 30 Days

”Omyst is genius”

Bonnie Kimberly Taylor

“Remarkable potency and effectiveness.”

Matthias Reisen

Herbalist and owner of Healing Spirits Farm

“Omyst is a truly wonderful wound healer...”

Andrea Reisen

Herbalist and owner of Healing Spirits Farm

“…Noreen Mulvanerty possesses a wonderful ability to create a prayerful, powerful healing remedy”

Pat Butera


“Omyst healed my poison ivy in a few days. The spray also stopped the itching right away and reduced swelling.”

Renata Lorenc

Publicist/Event Planner

“Omyst is the only product that cured my painful rash. The calendula is particularly soothing.”

Trudy Siditsky

“I had the unfortunate experience of having shingles and my rash was very painful and itchy. A friend recommended Omyst and I couldn’t believe that as soon as I sprayed it on the pain subsided and a scab began to form within two days. I no longer needed Motrin and the shingles cleared up in two weeks.”

Beatrice Ni Bhroin


“Omyst is a great alternative to healing creams especially for burns and bites because the liquid is cooling so it instantly soothes the affected area. Omyst is now a permanent feature of my cosmetic bag so it’s on hand whenever I need it.

Susun Weed

World-renowned herbalist and author

“I expect Omyst to revolutionize primary care of wounds in hospitals and homes throughout the United States and hopefully around the world.”

Sylvia Metzger


“I burned my finger badly when cooking. I sprayed Omyst once and it took away the pain immediately. Next time, I burned my hand I immediately reached for the Omyst. Again the pain was gone in seconds. Omyst is a healing product that works. No home should be without it.”

Bernadette Toomey


“I had the unfortunate experience if being bitten by a multitude of fleas on both legs from my knee caps to my ankles. I applied Omyst and the itching, which was intense, ceased. Within 24 hours the bites began to heal, within 4 days it was as if I had never been bitten at all. ”

Brigid McCarthy 

Mother/Event Planner

“Omyst really helped relieve the itching & pain caused by inflamed bed bug bites. I was miserable until I discovered this healing herbal spray – an eco victory.”

Mary L. Davis

Cleveland, Ohio

“I absolutely adore Omyst. Thank you for making this product – I am amazed at how effective it is.  I’m 62 years old and officially disabled due to heart disease and arthritis.  Your spray has been more effective than hydrocortisone and antibiotic ointment in clearing up my insect bites, itching dry skin problems and occasional cuts and scrapes. ”

Maeve Dabner

Teacher, London

“I used Omyst on my sensitive, Celtic skin to treat painful mosquito bites. Not only is Omyst the only product that gives me instant relief, I love the smell of the roses and the calendula.”

Sarah Arikian

Mother and teacher

“I am extremely impressed with the healing herbal first-aid spray, Omyst. I have used it on a variety of ailments such as bug bites and scratches. It was particularly effective in healing an infected pierced ear as I was able to spray it on the wound instead of rubbing it in which would have further irritated the skin. The rose scent is pleasing and the medicine extremely easy to use. I am a mother and a teacher and have used Omyst on my whole family with excellent, speedy results.”

Robert Butler

Music Teacher

“I think Omyst has the potential to make sticky ointments like obsolete.  It sprays on easily, and allows the affected area to breath. I used it on a softball related knee scrape.  I washed the cut out with soap, and sprayed Omyst on it after showers.  The scrape looked better within three days.”

Hugh McCrory


“Noreen Mulvanerty ‘cares’ for people in the true sense of the word.  As a nurse and as also a mother she is acutely attuned to work towards the elimination of pain and suffering.  In my line of work, (film), when I solve a problem it is usually to make cameras or digital workflows run better.  When Noreen solves a problem it is to tackle injury and infection in a practical hands-on way.  Her work with Omyst has been selfless and has involved long years of research. I genuinely hope that the product is a fantastic success as a result.  Noreen is not in this for rewards and honors but she deserves them.”

“Omyst has been designed to tackle a specific problem in the treatment of wounds – How to prevent infection while also maintaining the airflow essential for the healing process. Omyst provides the solution.  I have seen the results of this myself.  I used the product on a cut, which quickly healed.  It is easily applied and safe, since as a spray it does not require physical contact to administer. Omyst is therefore ideal for quick response in emergencies.”

Lauretta Iavarone

Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

“I am Massage Therapist & Reflexologist and I have a clinic practice in New York and New Jersey.  I have studied herbal medical for over 12 years and I am also a supporting member of the American Herbalist Guild.  I have given lectures and workshops for kids on plant identifying, botany gardens for AIDS Patients and I am hospice caretaker for St. Barnabas at Monmouth Medical.

I used OMYST as a wound care treatment on myself, and I highly recommend using this product for just about everyone. I was cooking in my kitchen for a dinner party, when the hot water from the pot splashed back on my forearm and gave me a nasty burn.  The pain was excruciating so I grabbed the OMYST and sprayed my forearm to cover the burn.

Within 5 minutes the pain eased.  I couldn’t believe it!!  I have tried wound care treatments before, but this was incredible. I got through my dinner party and completely forgot I had gotten burned that night.  The next morning I was amazed to see that there was no scaring and healthy cell proliferation of the skin had already began. I highly recommend this product and I feel the need to tell everyone about this.  I carry OMYST with me all the time and it fits so nicely in my pocketbook. As an herbalist I do plant identification walks with kids and I would never be without it in the woods. OMYST is so wonderful for those annoying insect bites too!  Additionally, I have actually used OMYST on poison ivy for faster wound healing and to relieve the itch.”

Ed Shevlin

Motorcycle Man

“I embarked on a 9,000 mile motorcycle tour of the United States. While riding I hit some loose gravel on the road and my bike flew out from under me. I was violently thrown to the ground. I broke the fall with my right forearm and was left with nasty abrasions on my entire right side. Retrieving my first-aid kit from the saddlebag, I began spraying Omyst on my wounds. It eased the pain allowing me to remove some of the gravel, which had become embedded in my arm. Later, at the emergency room nurses told me that my quick application of Omyst appeared to have been very helpful in preventing infection. My wounds have since completely healed. One thing is for sure though, I never ride without a helmet on my head and a bottle of Omyst in my first-aid kit!”